Bordeaux 2018 at Two Years: Pomerol

After St Emilion it is only natural to move on to Pomerol, a much smaller but certainly no less significant appellation. Pomerol’s diminutive size compared to its rather sprawling neighbour has one practical advantage, in that I can deal with it in a much swifter manner than I can St Emilion. It also raised a possible concern for me though; Pomerol is an appellation of small vineyards, many turning out highly prized bottles of wine, a number of which carry eye-watering price tags. With such small-volume and high-value products, just how many would be willing to send sample bottles for me to include in this report?

Bordeaux 2018

Well, as it happens, everybody I asked (phew!); alright, so one proprietor decided to mull it over for a couple of months before eventually acquiescing and sending his wines, but in the end everybody came good. And so in this instalment of my in-bottle tasting report on the 2018 vintage in Bordeaux I focus on 28 wines from Pomerol, running the gamut from some of the very top names of this highly regarded appellation down to some properties on the lower slopes and lesser terroirs where good value can be found.

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