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Bordeaux Wine Guide: Bordeaux Vintages at a Glance

Bordeaux Wine Guide: Vintages at a Glance

To conclude the introductory section of my guide to Bordeaux I thought it might be useful to provide a brief synopsis of recent Bordeaux vintages. My in-depth vintage guides which I publish after my primeur tastings, such as those for 2012 Bordeaux and 2011 Bordeaux, are very detailed, I suspect more so than any other published guide to the new vintage. This is one of the joys of writing here, rather than in print: no word limit!

Nevertheless, sometimes a quick soundbite is all we need, something to remind us, or to jog our memory regarding the vintage in question, without having to scan through page after page of detail and opinion. With that in mind I thought bringing together my thoughts on recent Bordeaux vintages in one place might be informative.

Brdeaux Guide: Bordeaux Vintages at a Glance

I have decided to provide these mini-reports only on those vintages I have personal experience of. It wouldn’t be difficult to write similar soundbites back into the 19th century but to do so would be duplicitous I think, a spouting of second-hand opinion; I would rather just speak from my own knowledge and experiences. For this reason I have penned mini-reviews as far back as 1981; admittedly, I can’t say I have a huge tasting experience of vintages such as 1984 or 1987, but I have filled in these gaps as best I can. And, to be honest, we all know these vintages were fairly dire anyway, so I am quite content having these ‘knowledge gaps’, and I don’t intend doing anything about it!

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