Château Liversan: Tasting & Drinking

Château Liversan was an early and very welcome discovery for me as I explored the wines of Bordeaux for the first time; while I used to experience the likes of Château Mouton-Rothschild and Château Latour, first growths from nearby Pauillac, through a tasting group, my meagre salary could actually stretch to a bottle or two of Château Liversan to savour at home. I suspect the cru bourgeois properties of the Haut-Médoc appellation serve this purpose for many of us, and not just during our early years. Who among us, excluding the tech billionaires, rock stars and all the other label drinkers, doesn’t appreciate a good-value bottle of left-bank cru bourgeois Bordeaux from time to time?

Looking back over my tasting notes I am surprised to see that I have had more encounters with the wines of Château Liversan than I had at first realised. As already noted many years ago I enjoyed the 1996, although it is possible that I was wearing rose-tinted spectacles when I jotted down the score. A more hard-nosed approach in more recent assessments, however, means I have no qualms about recommending the 2016 vintage, and maybe the 2014 vintage too, a vintage often marked by crisp acidity but which seems to have turned out well here. Tuck these bottles away for five-to-ten years and there is every chance you could have a good-value charmer on your hands. (22/7/20)

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