Château Figeac: The de Cazes Family

Although the archaeology does not help us much with our Roman investigations, there are certainly the remains of an early Medieval property here, some of which are now incorporated into the modern château. Some walls in the right wing of Château Figeac, where there are some very small windows and an equally diminutive door, date to the 11th century. These walls were probably once part of a feudal château owned by the Lescours family, as indeed was the ancient dovecot that still stands here. The Lescours family held the seigneurie of Figeac until it passed from them to the de Cazes (sometimes written as Decazes) family, during the 15th century.

Château Figeac

We can pick up the history of Château Figeac at this time with Jean de Cazes (c.1430 – c.1513), the first recorded seigneur of Figeac, perhaps taking this title on only after the hostilities of the Hundred Years’ War had drawn to a close with the battle of Castillon in 1453.

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