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Château Cambon la Pelouse: Vineyards & Wines

Château Cambon la Pelouse: Vineyards

Château Cambon la Pelouse is located on the outskirts of Macau, one of the communes that sits between the city of Bordeaux to the south, and the great appellations of the Médoc to the north. Macau is the more northerly of the Haut-Médoc communes here, as it borders Labarde and Arsac, two of the five communes eligible for the Margaux appellation. The vineyards of Château Cambon la Pelouse sit right on the edge of the commune, sandwiched between fifth-growth Château Cantemerle to the south, and third-growth Château Giscours to the north. The vineyards surround the winery buildings, with no sign of the original Château Cambon la Pelouse. To the north, close to the town of Macau, a small château can be seen nestled among some trees, but this is Château Les Trois Moulins.

Château Cambon la Pelouse

There are 70 hectares to the estate, with 39 hectares planted, it having changed little since 1883 when the authors of Cocks et Féret described its 67 hectares (at that time 35 hectares were planted to vines). There are another 28 hectares, originally the vineyard of Château Trois Mouins, a highly regarded cru bourgeois estate in Macau, which now appears to have the role of deuxième vin for the property. The vines sit on the highest point of the commune of Macau, with attractive sandy, lightly gravelly soils. The work in the vineyard is conventional, although as noted in my profile there has been some attempt at organic viticulture here, with at least 6 hectares signed over to this method in recent times.

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