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Château Cambon la Pelouse: The Betgé de Lagarde Era

Château Cambon la Pelouse: The Betgé de Lagarde Era

Coraly Marie Amélie de Cambon-Lapelouze (1803 – 1854) was married on November 23rd 1829 to Jean Antoine Betgé de Lagarde (1788 – c.1850), and thus the family estate came into the hands of the Betgé de Lagarde family. Jean and Coraly had three sons, none of whom seems to have strayed very far from home, although the most significant as far as the story of this domaine is concerned was Pierre Paul Betgé de Lagarde (born 1834).

Château Cambon la Pelouse

The estate crops up in the first ever edition of Cocks et Féret, published in 1850, under the name La Pelouse. At this time it was in the possession of Veuve Bedgé-Lagarde (the 1850 edition tended to be more lax with the spelling of names than later editions), this being the aforementioned Coraly, husband Jean having already died. The estate was a productive one, with an annual yield of 45 tonneaux per annum, equivalent to 180 modern-day barriques per year. From Coraly the estate then passed, after her death in 1854, to her son Pierre Paul, who was listed as proprietor (under the name Paul) in the 1868 Cocks et Féret. Of note, the name of the estate had now been changed to Château Cambon, although the production remained steady at 40 to 50 tonneaux per annum.

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