Château Bélair-Monange: Vineyards

The vineyard of Château Bélair-Monange is located just to the south of St Emilion itself, and what the Moueix family acquired with their purchase in 2008 accounted for approximately 12 hectares of the commune. The château sits up on the plateau (as is illustrated below – if I recall correctly I was standing on the boundary of Château Saint Georges Côte Pavie when I took this photograph), on the left-hand side of the road as you drive up to the town of St Emilion from the south. The nearest neighbours include Château Ausone, which sits just a few hundred metres further along the côte; both châteaux therefore enjoy a commanding position overlooking the amphitheatre of vines below.

Château Bélair-Monange

After the acquisition Christian Moueix said there would be change, and it was only later in 2012 that it became clear what was intended. To everybody’s surprise the other Moueix property, Château Magdelaine, did not appear to have been included in the 2012 St Emilion classification; contemporaneously, it was revealed that Château Magdelaine was no more, and the vineyard was to be absorbed into that of Château Bélair-Monange.

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