Vincent Gaudry, 2016 Update

Like the wines of Pierre Morin, those of Vincent Gaudry are also a relatively recent discovery. Whereas Pierre’s wines brim with intense minerality though, Vincent’s are perhaps more textural and broad. I might say that they are made in a less ‘classic’ style, although there is a problem a statement such as that. In Bué, there are any number of benchmarks against which Pierre Morin can be compared and contrasted, domaines which determine a Bué ‘style’, but the vineyards Vincent Gaudry tends are secluded in the near-wilderness of Sury-en-Vaux. Who is to say what style of wine we should expect from this distant corner of the Sancerre vineyard?

Vincent Gaudry

Vincent Gaudry (pictured above) has some rather peripheral beliefs, and I think his wines, to some extent, reflect that. They are nothing like the extreme style we see coming from the chai of Sébastien Riffault, for example, but they are wines that seem to exist on a different plane to many others in the region. The whites can be deeply textured, reminding me somewhat of Menetou-Salon from Philippe Gilbert, and they can at times display distinctive and entrancing nuances of menthol and apple. How much of this character is down to Vincent’s biodynamic methods, or even the standing stones that may channel unseen mystical forces through the cellars, is understandably difficult to ascertain.

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