Domaine Vacheron, 2018 Update

The name of Vacheron is one of the most renowned in the Sancerre appellation, the family having been turning out top quality wines here for decades. It was one of the domaines I visited on my first ever trip to the region, the domaine cuvée – at that time the only white wine they were producing – a regular feature of my cellar in the years that followed. Even so, in more recent times the family have raised their game, being early converts to biodynamic viticulture in Sancerre, and they have been instrumental in developing the concept of individual terroirs in the region, in the style of the Côte d’Or, rather than blending the entire harvest in a homogenised, appellation-wide cuvée.

Domaine Vacheron

For this reason I try (and usually succeed) to check in on the latest releases from this domaine at some point during the year. The wines I report on here were tasted with Jean-Dominique Vacheron in early 2018.

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