Domaine Tinel-Blondelet, 2018 Update

As a rough guide the Pouilly-Fumé appellation runs from Pouilly-sur-Loire, through Les Loges below the flinty cap of St-Andélain, up to Tracy-sur Loire, providing of course you are heading downstream, following the flow of the river. As an equally rough guide, this appellation’s terroir progresses in a similar manner, older Oxfordian limestone terroirs around Pouilly-sur-Loire, younger Kimmeridgian limestones and marls above and around Les Loges, with the very youngest Portlandian limestones (although, to be geologically correct, these should really be referred to as Tithonian) at the end of the appellation, around Tracy-sur-Loire.

Domaine Tinel-Blondelet

Located in Pouilly-sur-Loire, and thus with at least some of their vines on Oxfordian limestone, there are two Blondelet domaines. Both are (in part, at least) descended from the domaine of Paul Blondelet, who tended vines here in the early 20th century (although in truth the Blondelet line in the region can be traced back many centuries). Ultimately the domaine was divided, half coming to Michelle Blondelet, who married Jean-Michel Masson, this being the birth of Domaine Masson-Blondelet. The other vines came to Annick Tinel-Blondelet (pictured above), one of the most charming and amiable vigneronnes I have ever met, who continues with here half of the vineyard as Domaine Tinel-Blondelet.

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