Pascal et Nicolas Reverdy, 2015 Update

Sancerre will, I think, always be shackled (or blessed, depending on which side of the producer/consumer divide you sit) with an appellation that acts as a brand name, rather like Chablis and Châteauneuf du Pape. It is a name with broad appeal, one that pulls people into the Loire Valley. I know, I was one of them. But whereas I then branched out to explore the region in its entirety (well, that’s the aim, anyway), some simply don’t move on, never drinking anything different. This is why the reason easily-pronounceable Sancerre sells so well, even though the entry-level price is considerably higher than it is for similar dry white wines from other Loire Valley appellations such as Vouvray, Anjou Blanc and Muscadet.

Pascal et Nicolas Reverdy

In exploring other regions I left Sancerre behind somewhat, but I have put that right during the last couple of years. Although I travel to the Loire Valley regularly, in recent times I have made repeat visits specifically to improve my knowledge of Sancerre (and Pouilly-Fumé as it happens), in 2013 and again in 2015. And these won’t be the last visits, either. And in doing so I have become reacquainted with a number of domaines where the wines are of such quality, and provide such interesting drinking, that I cannot believe I ever strayed from this region. The domaine run by Pascal Reverdy, while not the most famous, being more ‘classic’ than ‘cult’, is one such fine example.

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