Michel Redde, 2020 Update

Quite a few years had passed after I first entered the town of Sancerre before I ventured to the opposite bank of the Loire to set foot in the appellation of Pouilly-Fumé. When I did eventually cross the threshold, though, one of the very first domaines I visited was Michel Redde, a stalwart of the appellation. Although the domaine had been established by Michel back in the 1950s, by the time I knocked on their door it was Thierry Redde who was at the helm. Time has since moved on, of course, and these days it is Thierry’s sons Sébastien and Romain who hold the reins. I seem to bump into Sébastien more often than I do Romain, and indeed it was with Sébastien that I sat down with earlier this year to check out some of the latest releases from the domaine.

Michel Redde

Together we started with the 2018 vintage, a very warm and benevolent year, before then skipping back a year to revisit some of the wines of the more classically styled 2017 vintage.

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