Château Lamothe-Bergeron: The Modern Era

It was during the d’Armana era that a more modern château was built, replacing an older building. We also have good evidence regarding the presence of the vine on the estate, as it was turning out a good volume of wine. Annual production was 70 tonneaux, equivalent to a production of about 280 barrels, and assuming pre-industrial yields it implies a vineyard of about 25 hectares. Much of this information comes from the 1868 Cocks et Féret, which also tells us that the property still went by the relatively simplified name of Château Lamothe at this time.

Château Lamothe-Bergeron

Caroline died in 1882, and subsequent to this ownership of the property seems to have been shared between Caroline’s various offspring and their respective spouses. This explains why the 1893 Cocks et Féret has the proprietors listed as M. Davezac, M. de Castéra, Mme Lasserre and Mme Villehélio. Eventually the property passed completely to the next generation, and Amédée Le Saulnier de la Villehélio proceeded to buy out the other family members, becoming the sole proprietor.

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