Château Guadet Plaisance

No recently tasted wines have challenged my preconceptions and upturned my personal understanding of the appellation hierarchy more thoroughly than those of Château Guadet Plaisance. I visited the estate late in 2012, and although I immediately perceived the energy and vigour exhibited by the proprietor, and I warmed to his organic and not-quite-biodynamic philosophies, I was uninspired by the picture presented by the domaine.

Château Guadet Plaisance

Here we were, in Montagne-St-Emilion, just metres from the boundary with the St Emilion appellation, where the likes of Château Grand-Corbin-Despagne and Château Croque-Michotte, increasingly renowned for the challenge made by its proprietor Pierre Carle to the 2012 St Emilion classification more than its wines per se, are to be found.

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