Château Canon-la-Gaffelière: Louise-Pierre Hisman Peyraud

The production at Gaffelière-Boitard remained stable at 15 tonneaux for the next couple of decades, although it is noteworthy that in 1883 there was a third proprietor now established at Gaffelière, by the name of Vivien-Arnaud. This vineyard, referred to as Gaffelière et Magnan and which was turning out 10 tonneaux per annum, was the origin of the little-known Château Magnan La Gaffelière, which still exists today. Sticking with Gaffelière-Boitard, the only real change came as the end of the 19th century drew near; at this time a Boitard daughter named Marie-Louise Boitard (1857 – 1929) married a local doctor named Louise-Pierre Hisman Peyraud (1844 – 1900), and he thus took the Gaffelière-Boitard domaine as a dowry. Indeed, by the time the next edition of Cocks et Féret was published in 1886 the vineyard was noted to be in the possession of a Doctor Peyraud. The production seems to have fallen off a little, being down to 10 tonneaux per annum at this time; this is almost certainly due to phylloxera, which swept through Bordeaux between 1876 and 1892.

Château Canon-la-Gaffelière

Marie-Louise and Louise-Pierre had one daughter named Yvonne Madeleine Peyraud (1883 – 1991) who was seventeen years old when her father died in 1900. This left the widow Marie-Louise Peyraud at the helm, as noted in the 1908 edition of Cocks et Féret.

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