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Château Canon: Vineyards

Château Canon: Vineyards

Château Canon lies on the road just to the west of the town of St Emilion; it is not straightforward to access, however, as the roads here have long been part of a one-way system which means you have to drive south around a large area of vines before eventually coming back on yourself to Château Canon. Alternatively, if heading in from the west, from Château Angélus, it is very easy to spot, being on the left immediately after Château Beauséjour. If heading here from the direction of the town the vineyard that you circumnavigate, hidden from view by a pristine and immaculately maintained white limestone wall, is indeed that of Château Canon. This is the Clos St Martin. On the other side of the road, next to Château Bélair-Monange, are the Curé-Bon vineyards which were added to the domaine in 2000. The vines that were originally those of Château Matras are further around, behind those of Château Angélus.

Château Canon

For several centuries the vineyard of Château Canon was unchanged, at 18 hectares, and it was only with the acquisition of the aforementioned Curé-Bon vineyard in 2000 that it grew, to 22 hectares. With the addition of the Matras vines the estate currently accounts for 34 hectares of the St Emilion appellation. Looking back over the past couple of decades, however, in many vintages only a proportion of the area committed to the vine was in full production due to replanting, the figure dropping as low as 16 hectares in some vintages.

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