Château Belle-Vue: Tasting & Drinking

I first encountered the wines of Château Belle-Vue in the late 1990s; I recall tasting early vintages, long before I began publishing Winedoctor, and I was impressed (despite having initially confused the estate, I have to confess, with the better-known Château Bellevue in St Emilion). The wines were thus clearly successful from the outset. Despite the tragic death of Vincent Mulliez at a very young age, the estate seems to have only grown stronger.

Château Belle-Vue

Those vintages in which Vincent had a hand, certainly the 2009 vintage, and tenuously the 2010 vintage (he passed away before harvest got underway) are the estate’s strongest. Wines such as these are enough to put any Haut-Médoc estate on the map, and so we must give Vincent appropriate credit. But Isabelle Mulliez also deserves much praise; she has overseen the élevage of the 2009 vintage, and has almost complete responsibility for the 2010 vintage. That these wines are so strong is also, especially in the case of the latter, down to her dedication.

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