Château d’Agassac: The Division

When the 1883 Cocks et Féret was published there was no significant change in the situation, although the château was at this time noted to be in the hands of the Héritiers Richier following Marcel’s death in 1872. By 1886, however, the estate appears to have been divided. There were now apparently three properties, with multiple proprietors; the first estate was Château Ludon-Pomiès-Agassac, in the joint ownership of a Monsieur Lacroix de Lavalette, Gabriel Richier and a Monsieur Rigaud, turning out 100 tonneaux. This is largest part of the original estate, and it included the château itself. Gabriel clearly retained a hold of part of the domaine, but in 1883 he had sold a section to Madame Louis Graterolle (1822 – 1884), a widow who had been born Mathilde de Monaubricq. After her death the year after she had made the purchase, the domaine was passed to one of her daughters, who had married into the Lacroix de Lavalette family, which explains how one of the other owners took their share. How Monsieur Rigaud came to be involved, however, I have found no clue.

Château d'Agassac

Of course this accounted for only about half the estate, and the other half appears to have been further subdivided and renamed. There was at this time also a Fontbonne-Agassac, in the possession of a Monsieur Pontet-Laroza, turning out 50 hectares, and there was also an estate named Peyre-Pomiès-Agassac, turning out 30 tonneaux per annum, in the hands of a Monsieur Sèze. The situation has much potential to confuse, especially when in Les Vins de Médoc (Édouard Féret, 1897), published a little over a decade later, some of the estates appear to have exchanged names. The main part of the estate, previously referred to as Château Ludon-Pomiès-Agassac but now referred to as Château Pomiès-Agassac, was sold by Madame Lacroix de Lavalette in 1889 to Joseph Jules de Lanète-David de Floris (1836 – 1910). He had 100 hectares, of which 35 hectares were planted to the vine, giving 100 to 120 tonneaux per annum.

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