Château d’Agassac: The Pommiers & Richier Families

The aforementioned Joseph Gabriel Sauvat de Pomiès (died 1786) married Marie Adélaïde de Lavie (died 1795), and they had three sons. The dates of their births are not all known, but the eldest was probably Charles (1756 – 1826), followed by Jean-Jacques (1759 – 1822), but there was also a brother named Pierre (died 1797). Nevertheless it was Charles Sauvat de Pomiès who inherited half the estate, while his two siblings took one-quarter each. The section inherited by Jean-Jacques, who had emigrated, was confiscated by the state as a bien national, and sold at auction on Thermidor 17th in Year 4 in the new Republican calendar (in other words, if my calculations are correct, August 4th 1796). The buyer was his brother Charles, and on May 14th 1813 Charles also acquired the other quarter, thereby reunifying the estate.

Château d'Agassac

It was therefore Charles that was in charge here when in 1824 Wilhelm Franck featured the estate in Traité sur les vins du Médoc (first edition, Chaumas, 1824), although not under the name of Agassac. He recorded the presence of the Pommier (i.e. Pomiés) family in Ludon, and they were by far the most active viticulteurs in the commune. The estate was turning out 75 to 100 tonneaux per annum, way ahead of anyone else in Ludon. The Pomiés era came to an end soon afterwards though; Charles, Baron d’Agassac, was the last of the dynasty. A career soldier, he had married Marie-Anne Leblanc-Nouguès (1766 – 1836) and they had three children, Anne Marie Adélaïde (1790 – 1874), Gabrielle Henriette Laure (1796 – 1857) and Charles François (died 1826), an officer in the cavalry. When the elder Charles died in 1826 he left two-thirds of his domaine to his daughter, Gabrielle Henriette Laure Sauvat de Pomiés. Presumably this was her third, and also that of her sibling Charles François who also died that year, in 1826. It seems likely that the remaining third was passed to her sister, Anne Marie; she married into the Meslon family, but this section would eventually come back to Gabrielle’s descendants.

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