Château de Tracy, 2020 Update

Château de Tracy is perhaps one of the best-known names in the Pouilly-Fumé appellation. Although my memory is certainly far from infallible, I have an inkling that this domaine was the source of the first Pouilly-Fumé I ever drank, during a visit to the Loire Valley many years ago. That this is so should perhaps not be a surprise; with a history stretching back many centuries (albeit with no sign of viticulture for much of that time, a fact we shall gloss over), and a vineyard accounting for over 30 hectares, the domaine is today a significant player in the appellation in terms of volume. And with the two super-cuvées, the Haute Densité and 101 Rangs, the domaine is also of interest to wine geeks as well.

I was glad to be able to revisit the wines of this domaine this year, taking a look principally at the 2019 and 2018 vintages, including a new venture for the domaine in Menetou-Salon.

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