Thibaud Boudignon, 2015 Update

Savennières might grab all the limelight, but there are great terroirs waiting to be exploited in the Anjou vineyards on the opposite side of the Loire as well. Someone who knows this, and who is tending vines on both sides of the river, is the young Thibaud Boudignon (pictured below). He first popped onto my radar as winemaker at Château Soucherie, a palace that sits on the banks of the Layon, and while he continues in that role he is also forging a reputation for himself with a little domaine, built up vine-by-vine and barrel-by-barrel, in the foothills of Savennières.

Thibaud Boudignon

It was here that I first met him face to face, last year. His wines are magnificent. Indeed, if I were in the habit of handing out gongs or trophies (maybe I should get into this, it seems like a good self-publicity model) I would have handed one to Thibaud last year. His wines were the discovery of 2014, his Anjou taut and convincing, his Savennières regal and deeply flavoursome.

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