Château de Targé, 2017 Update

I have dallied with the wines of Château de Targé on and off for many years now, and enjoyed drinking the Quintessence cuvée in particular, a wine Édouard Pisani-Ferry created when given the nudge by his old friend Pierre Seillan, proprietor of Château Lassègue in Bordeaux but also known for turning out a string of high-scoring wines in California, under a variety of labels.

Château de Targé

It is only in the past couple of years that I really got to grips with the full range of wines though. First, to Edouard’s great delight (judging by his grin when I saw him at the Salon des Vins de Loire back in February) I encountered his 2015 Saumur Blanc Les Fresnettes in a Decanter panel tasting along with a couple of eager tasters, and we placed his wine top, just ahead of wines from Domaine du Closel, Château de Villeneuve and Couly-Dutheil. More importantly, I also visited the estate, toured the vineyards, and tasted the full range of wines, discovering in the process that not only do Édouard and Paul Pisani-Ferry make a very decent range of red and white wines, but they produce some fairly delectable sparkling wines as well.

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