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Saumur So Bio, 2022: The Masterclass

Saumur So Bio 2022: The Masterclass

The Saumur So Bio collective is home to a number of young vignerons some of whom have worked only a handful of vintages, so it is impressive that they set themselves the task of hosting a masterclass featuring Chenin Blanc from the 2017 and 2012 vintages (coming up for five and ten years of age respectively).

Naturally, the responsibility for 2012 tended to fall on the more established domaines, including Château Yvonne, Château de Fosse Sèche and Domaine Mélaric (and it was Aymeric Hilaire, of this last domaine, and pictured below, who hosted the masterclass). Kudos to those younger vignerons who managed to furnish a 2017 though, especially Pauline Mourrain and Laurent Troubat, of L’Austral. This is yet another domaine to have grown out of Château Tour Grise, the old Philippe Gourdon domaine, and I believe 2017 was only their second vintage.

Saumur So Bio 2022

This was a rather bijou tasting, with just seven wines poured. Nevertheless, they include some of the better wines of the entire Saumur So Bio weekend, so it is worth showcasing them here. Before I do that though, first a few sentences to refresh our memories concerning the two vintages in question.

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