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Domaine de Montcy, 2023 Update

Domaine de Montcy, 2023 Update

After last week’s return to the wines of Michel Gendrier at Domaine des Huards, this week I linger a little longer in Cheverny and Cour-Cheverny with the wines of Domaine de Montcy.

In terms of historical significance, these two domaines could hardly be more different. While Domaine des Huards grew out of a polycultural smallholding, the vineyards of Domaine de Montcy were originally associated with nearby Château de Troussay, once the seat of the notable historian Louis de la Saussaye (1801 – 1878).

Their recent histories are also markedly different. The story of Domaine des Huards is one of commitment and consistency, the domaine having been passed from one generation to the next, with close to 170 years of family ownership. During the past few decades, however, Domaine de Montcy has changed hands several times. Having been purchased by the Simon family during the 1990s, they subsequently sold it to Italian polyglot Laura Semeria. She held onto the domaine for sixteen years, turning out some very attractive wines during her tenure. Frost was a major problem for her, however, particularly in recent vintages, and in 2019 she entered negotiations to sell the domaine. The new owners eventually took control in October 2020.

Domaine de Montcy

In this tasting report I meet the new owners and taste the most recent releases, which straddle the recent change of ownership.

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