Michel Redde, 2019 Update

I remember a harvest visit to the cellars of Michel Redde, improbably squeezed as they are between the vineyards of Les Loges to the west, and the Autoroute de l’Arbre which slices through the vineyards to the east. It was in 2013 and Thierry Redde himself was supervising the harvest, along with his two sons Romain and Sébastien. It had been a rather wet and cool season, and the pickers had been out in waterproof coats and sou’westers, but the quality of the rain-splattered bunches piled up in the crates looked good (which was more than can be said for the crop at some other domaines I visited that week).

Michel Redde

Since that visit I have tried to keep up with progress chez Redde, and this is the latest of a number of tasting reports posted since that visit. Here I focus on the 2017 vintage, in which Sébastien (pictured above) and Roman (their father Thierry is now increasingly retired) have made some pretty smart wines. We also looked back to the 2013 vintage though, so I could have a taste of what they achieved with those rather damp grapes.

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