Domaine Mélaric, 2015 Update

There are few more exciting moments than discovering a new name in an appellation. That first encounter with a previously unfamiliar young (or sometimes old) vigneron, the first chance to taste their wines, and then that first realisation that these wines are really, really good. And then, as the palate continues to fire off messages to the amygdalae provoking thoughts of sentiment, emotion and maybe even beginning the laying down of a memory or two, you suddenly ask yourself – why have I never met this person before? How come the name of this domaine isn’t being shouted from the rooftops for all to hear? And most importantly; where can I find some of these wines for my own cellar?

Domaine Mélaric

This was the feeling I had after my first meeting with Aymeric Hilaire (pictured above) just a year or two ago. His white wines are cool and minerally, his reds warm but reserved and elegant. On the occasion of this more recent tasting the wines remained true to this style, although the Mélaric portfolio has expanded considerably. This is of course another feature of domaines led by young and dynamic vignerons such as Aymeric; they are always evolving, with new vineyards coming online, new cuvées in the making. This is also exciting, and it was certainly a feature of this tasting.

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