Ludovic Chanson, 2016 Update

The revolution we have seen take hold in Montlouis-sur-Loire over the last decade or so has been rich and diverse. The names of some participants, such as François Chidaine or Jacky Blot (perhaps ‘instigators’ would be more appropriate than ‘participants’) are very well known, others less so. Among this motley band of revolutionaries are a number of very young vignerons, just starting out. Their youth only adds to the sense of dynamism within the appellation, and they include the likes of Frantz Saumon, Damien and Coralie Delecheneau and Lise and Bertrand Jousset, among others.

One who might be less well known, and yet who makes wines which are no less convincing, is Ludovic Chanson (pictured below). I first met Ludovic four years ago in London. It was a fairly brief encounter, just a quick chat about his vineyards and his wines, before I went on to taste them of course. I was impressed by them, especially as he was so early in his career; he seemed to have hit the ground running. And I was impressed when, upon meeting Ludovic again earlier this year, years after that first meeting, he recognised me straight away. He clearly has a brilliant memory for faces.

Ludovic Chanson

At the time I first met Ludovic he only had a few vines, and three cuvées. On this encounter I met two of these cuvées again, while others were new to me.

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