La Grange Tiphaine, 2023 Update

Following my recent report on the wines of Xavier Weisskopf, as well as my recently published guides to the Montlouis-sur-Loire appellation, and its recent adoption of the rules laid down in the Montlouis-sur-Loire Pétillant Originel quality charter, I realised I should get on and publish my newest notes on the wines of Damien and Coralie Delecheneau at La Grange Tiphaine.

The story of this domaine is already well documented in my profile, nevertheless a few snippets of background detail are warranted. Having completed his studies and a globe-trotting level of wine experience in various regions of France as well as California and South Africa, Damien Delecheneau put down roots on the edge of the Montlouis-sur-Loire appellation in 2002. Coralie joined him there a few years later. In truth they are well outside the appellation, to the east, the cellars being sandwiched between the suburbs of Amboise to the north, and the Forêt d’Amboise to the south. Le Rocher des Violettes is, I suppose, similarly peripheral, albeit on the far side of the forest, on the banks of the Cher.

It was thus perhaps inevitable, given Damien’s experience and the position of the domaine, that it would be as renowned for its red wines – with the Touraine and Touraine-Amboise appellations – as it would be for its whites, from the vineyards to the west. Indeed, the domaine turns out striking examples in both colours, with the old-vine Côt cuvée produced here no less delicious that that made by Xavier, and Violetta is a wine to stand up to all-comers.

La Grange Tiphaine

Having kept tabs on Damien and his wines for a few years, and having visited the domaine last year, I was glad to be able to meet up with Damien and Coralie earlier this year to refresh my thoughts on the wines of La Grange Tiphaine.

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