Frantz Saumon, 2013 Update

It is always a pleasure to catch up with Frantz Saumon, this ex-forestier who returned to his native France from Quebec, switching his attention from the tree to the vine in the process. He is based on the very northern edge of the Montlouis plateau, just around the corner from François Chidaine and Jacky Blot. The domaine is small, about 6 hectares last time I checked, as Frantz (pictured below) has no desire to achieve Montlouis domination. He runs it on entirely organic lines, and is interested in keeping a very ‘hands-on’ approach; 6 hectares, he finds, is about the limit of what he can manage.

Frantz Saumon

There are two sides to the Saumon business, the wines from his own vineyards, which are planted principally with Chenin Blanc and which qualify for the Montlouis-sur-Loire appellation (although there is a small proportion of the domaine dedicated to other varieties), as well as a négociant arm which goes by the name of Un Saumon dans la Loire. Although these latter wines can be interesting, as indicated below, I think it is within the Montlouis-sur-Loire appellation that Frantz performs best.

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