François Cazin, 2017 Update

Although there are several domaines in the Cour-Cheverny and Cheverny appellations turning out wines I enjoy, and wines I buy, I commit to cellaring bottles from François Cazin more than any other domaine. A fourth-generation winemaker, the domaine Cour-Cheverny he produces is smart and reliable, although the upmarket Cuvée Renaissance, a selection from the oldest vines in better vintages, often helped along by a little botrytised concentration, can be just wonderful.

François Cazin

Despite my admiration for his wines, and perhaps because I so readily buy and cellar them myself, I haven’t stopped off to taste with François to taste with any frequency. This year I put that right, and took a whistle-stop tour of his Cour-Cheverny portfolio in just two recent vintages.

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