Château Malescasse: Viticultural Prosperity

It was sometime during the decade that followed that things seem to have taken off on this domaine. When the 1868 Cocks et Féret was published there was no more mention of the Roussel and Brassié parcels, and in their place the property was listed as Château Malescasse. There had also been a significant expansion in the vineyard to accompany the new château; this was now one of the largest domaines in the commune, with a production that had increased three- to four-fold, to between 70 and 90 tonneaux per annum.

Château Malescasse

The proprietor in 1868 was still a member of the Renouil family, and this remained the case during subsequent decades. In 1874 a G. Renouil was at the helm, and the annual production had been pushed up as far as 100 tonneaux. This was still the case in 1883, although by this time the proprietor was J. Renouil, and it was not until 1886 that the authors of the newest edition of Cocks et Féret noted that the proprietor was now a Veuve Fleury, I presume a Renouil daughter who had married one of the Fleury family, and that production had slipped a little to 80 tonneaux per annum.

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