Château La Lagune: Madame de Parouty

Pierre Séguineau de Lognac married Catherine-Marguerite Bernard, and they had at least two daughters. One was Catherine-Bénigne who married Jacques-Jean Louis de Parouty, procureur général in the Cour des Aides. Most historical texts refer to Catherine-Bénigne simply as Madame de Parouty. There was another daughter, whose name remains a mystery to me, but who seems to have married into the noble Dumas de Laroque family. Thus when Pierre Séguineau de Lognac died at the age of 64 years on Feb 24th 1784 there were two potential heirs. They seem to have held onto the estate together, turning over its management to an experienced merchant in the wine trade from Bordeaux, and the wines he made were sold under the names Cru Séguineau, Cru Dumas Laroque or Cru La Lagune.

Château La Lagune

The Séguineau de Lognac family managed to maintain control of La Lagune during the closing years of the 18th century, even through the Revolution. That this was so is usually credited to the fact the family were not of great nobility, but also because the land was in the shared ownership of several different family members. I don’t have any better explanation to offer.

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