Château Greysac: Tasting & Drinking

The stated aim of Jean Guyon and his team, when they acquired this property, was to make a wine of a similar standing to Château Rollan de By, which already enjoyed a very good reputation. I think in a very short space of time they have come close to achieving this, because Château Greysac is now frequently one of my favourite cru bourgeois properties when I taste it in a line up of its peers.

Chateau Greysac

I am sorry that the production of a white wine was discontinued, as I think Bordeaux has a lot of untapped potential for the production of dry white wines, even it this is more true of the right bank than the left bank I think. Nevertheless, some have had considerable success with Sauvignon Blanc in the Médoc; you only have to look at the Cos d’Estournel Blanc, which is actually made from fruit grown on the clay-gravel slopes of Jau-Dignac-et-Loirac, just a few kilometres to the northwest of Château Greysac. I think, though, that Jean Guyon and his team simply wanted to concentrate on the red wine, and they have done so to good effect. (13/9/17)

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