Château Fontenil

The story of Château Fontenil undisputedly begins with the arrival of Michel and Dany Rolland, who purchased this small estate in the commune of Saillans, in the Fronsac appellation, in 1986. This is not to say that there were not vines here beforehand, because there most certainly were, and the property came with a vat room and barrel cellars, even if they were in an advanced state of dilapidation. It is more that, before the property came into the hands of the Rolland family, it seems to have had no great standing or reputation. It is only now, after more than three decades of determined work by the Rollands, that we should regard the estate as one of the leading names in Fronsac.

Château Fontenil

In this profile I examine the history of the estate, and how the Rollands have lifted it to the Fronsac top tier, as well as providing some detail on the vineyards, vinifications and the wines today. I begin, however, with what sparse details I have uncovered on the origins of the vineyard.

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