Château Faizeau: Vineyards

The domaine is located in a sea of vines in the commune and appellation of Montagne-St-Emilion, directly north of the village of Montagne after which both are named. The vineyards thus sit on the slopes of the Tertre du Calon, which holds the honour of being the highest point in the Libournais. It is on this rise that the aforementioned windmills can be seen.

Château Faizeau

The vineyard slopes down towards a small stream that runs through the estate, the Ruisseau de Lavie, and then ascends towards a road on the other side. There are 11 hectares of vines all told, the terroir being deeper clay and limestone, with a supperfical sandy and limoneux soil. Beneath these soils the clay lies in a shallow seam which is between 50 and 85 centimetres deep, and beneath that is the limestone bedrock. Vincent Cachau, who oversees the work on the estate, says the soils are particularly helpful in dry weather, as the clay has good water-retentive capability.

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