Château Caronne-Ste-Gemme: Tasting & Drinking

In my past experience the wine of Château Caronne-Ste-Gemme has provided excellent value for money, and in good vintages such as 1985, 1996 or 2000 (tasting notes below) holds the promise of excellence per se. The first of this trio, tasted blind one evening, showed all the finesse and exquisite balance that can be found in the 1985 vintage. As for the 2000, I will continue to enjoy reporting on this vintage in the future, as I have a few bottles tucked away in the cellar for a rainy day (well….I did, not any more).

Château Caronne-Ste-Gemme

Slightly more recent vintages have also come under the spotlight here though, courtesy of François Nony who sent them over for me to taste. Many are delicious, and not always in the most obvious vintages; I particularly liked the 2002, for example. Having said that, it will be hard to beat either the 2005 or 2010 vintages, both of which were tip top. Sadly, more recent vintages largely seem to have eluded me. I hope I can put that right given time. (14/9/04, updated 9/2/10, 28/10/20)

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