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Château Arnauld: Tasting Notes

Château Arnauld: Tasting & Drinking

Château Arnauld was a property that could once be easily ignored. The wines lacked flair and excitement, and I confess for many years I drove past the entrance to the property in a state of blissful ignorance, unaware of its location and perhaps even its existence. These days, however, to continue on in the same sate would not be appropriate.

It seems clear to me that quality here at Château Arnauld has climbed in recent years, clearly in relation to the estate’s acquisition by AGF-Allianz. The wines are richer, darker, more concentrated and more flavoursome. They now present a style which is true to the region’s modern image, the wines full of character and flesh from the outset, but also surely capable of aging and developing in a positive fashion in the cellar. Château Arnauld is now, it seems, an estate we should follow more closely. (25/11/20)

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