Twenty-Five Years On: The 1997 Vintage

Well, it is that time of year again. Time for the annual Twenty-Five Years On cellar clear-out.

In truth, I only open the door to my cellar two or three times each year. You might find that hard to believe, but I am being literal, not metaphorical or metaphysical. It is my contribution to ensuring the temperature within remains as stable as possible, something that seemed more important than ever this year, which saw record-breaking summer temperatures in the UK. So when I last crossed the threshold, back in January or maybe February, I made sure to pull out as many 1997s as I could lay my hands on. And here they are.

Twenty-Five Years On: The 1997 Vintage

Of course, in my two regions of special interest, this is a vintage I have written on before, having previously published a number of 1997 Bordeaux and 1997 Loire Valley reports. The numbers of bottles in my cellar from these two vintages is ever-dwindling though (not that I bought into Bordeaux in this vintage, other than a handful of Sauternes), and so this small report deals with both, not to mention a handful of bottles from Germany and one or two other regions.

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