Fifteen Years On: The 2005 Vintage

Old hands who have been scouring the pages of Winedoctor since its launch in May 2000 (yes, it really is twenty years since I started all this) will know that every year I pull a few older bottles from the cellar, usually from regions other than Bordeaux and the Loire Valley, for anniversary tastings. While I have stopped doing this for wines that have just hit ten years of age, preferring instead to focus at this stage on the Loire Valley (and, when I can, Bordeaux), I will for the moment continue on with tastings at fifteen, twenty and occasionally twenty-five years. Indeed, it was only last month that I published this year’s Tasting of the 2000 Vintage at Twenty Years.

The wines are usually random collections of (mostly) European wines, often featuring old favourites that I discovered many years ago, such as Château de Beaucastel and Château Musar. Back in 2005, however, I must have been going through a German phase, as the vast majority of wines I tucked away in the cellar (those that weren’t from Bordeaux or the Loire Valley, of course) originated from the vineyards along the Mosel, Saar, Ruwer, Rhine and Nahe rivers. I did find the odd bottle of Chablis and Madeira but in the end it made sense to stick exclusively with the Germans, probably a wise decision as the Chablis had long given up the good fight against oxidation (although as you might expect the Madeira was still going strong).

Fifteen Years On: 2005

And so, in this years Fifteen Years On tasting report, I present fifteen tasting notes on German wines of the 2005 vintage. Before I get to my notes, a few brief words on the vintage.

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