Thibaud Boudignon, 2016 Update

It is only a few years – two, to be precise – since I first drove down to Savennières to meet Thibaud Boudignon. I hadn’t known quite what to expect; I had heard some good things about this young winemaker, but I wanted to see (and taste!) things for myself.

I wasn’t disappointed. When not directing the winemaking at nearby Château de Soucherie, Thibaud tends a few small parcels of Chenin Blanc in Anjou and Savennières, and the results from this small-scale, hands-on, handful-of-barrels approach are striking. I was blown away by just about every wine I tasted, that first look focusing on the 2013 vintage.

Thibaud Boudignon

I have been back to taste again with Thibaud since, checking out the 2013 and 2014 vintages, and on this most recent encounter I revisited the more recent of the two. I had previously tasted some of the wines from this vintage prior to bottling; would they live up to their early promise, now they are securely imprisoned under cork?

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