Two from Château de Targé, 2021

Château de Targé is located in Parnay, perched on the very edge of Saumur’s limestone plateau; indeed, some parts of it look as though they have grown from the very rock face itself. Wine has been made here for centuries, since at least 1655, although the property’s current standing is probably down to just one man, the incredibly determined Édouard Pisani-Ferry. Today Édouard has handed over responsibility for the running of the domaine to his son, Paul Pisani-Ferry.

Château de Targé

The range of wines made at Château de Targé is quite extensive, including several sparkling cuvées (rarely publicised, but they are actually pretty good – take a punt if you ever spot a bottle), a smorgasbord of white Saumur and red Saumur-Champigny cuvées, and all sorts of other vinous curiosities. It can be a challenge just keeping up, especially in the context of a busy appellation which is evolving at a rapid pace. It is worth it though, as this is an increasingly interesting domaine which has recently completed its organic certification (back in 2019).

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