Domaine de Rocheville, 2022 Update

The Saumur region is blessed with a handful of domaines which can claim cult status, or at least aspire to such a position. But it also remains home to a number of domaines which fly under the radar, despite turning out find examples of the Saumur and Saumur-Champigny appellations.

Domaine de Rocheville is one such domaine. It first saw the light of day in 2005 when Philippe Porché, essentially a keen wine amateur who came to winemaking relatively late in life, teamed up with local vigneron Jérôme Callet. They started off with vineyards around the village of Parnay, and based themselves in some rented cellars. The project was a success, evidence of which was their subsequent relocation to newly constructed and dedicated cellars closer to their vines. Parnay remains the heart of Domaine de Rocheville, but Philippe also has a small parcel of vines on one of the region’s most prestigious terroirs, the slopes around the hill of Brézé.

Domaine de Rocheville

The domaine has evolved significantly since I first encountered its wines, the most notable development being a conversion to organic viticulture, with wines from the 2019 vintage onwards having organic certification.

I met up with Philippe earlier this year to reacquaint myself with his wines.

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