Domaine de Rocheville, 2018 Update

The Saumur and Saumur-Champigny appellations are home to a number of domaines which seem to be persistently overlooked. While the likes of Clos Rougeard and Domaine Guiberteau soak up the attention, their labels perfectly Instagrammable, other domaines which turn out wines of comparable quality without the cult status go eternally unnoticed. Tasting their wines, and writing about these other domaines, is one of my favourite activities on Winedoctor, because it allows me to identify where the good-value drinking can be found in these appellations. Not only for subscribers, but for my own cellar too.

Domaine de Rocheville

One domaine that seems to be gradually sidling into this role alongside Château de Villeneuve is Domaine de Rocheville, a domaine which has been thoroughly revitalised since its acquisition by Philippe Porché (pictured above) in 2005. Many of his vines are in Parnay, where his newly constructed cellars are located, but he has also subsequently gained a foothold in Brézé, a prized spot in the region, with the acquisition of the Clos de la Thibaudière.

Having first met Philippe a few years ago, I recently met up with him again to taste through some more recent releases as well as some older wines.

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