Domaine Mosse, 2011 Update

In my continued exploration of Savennières I certainly didn’t want to miss out on the wines (or should I say wine – there is just one cuvée relevant to this appellation here) of René and Agnès Mosse. This husband-and-wife team possess only 45 ares (0.45 hectares), making their particular version of this famed appellation perhaps one of the smallest-production cuvées in existence. Note, for example, that Pithon-Paillé own 25 ares within the more exalted Roche-aux-Moines cru, and they consider the volume produced too small to merit its own cuvée, preferring instead to blend it in with their négoce Savennières.

Domaine Mosse, 2011 Update

What the wine may lack in terms of quantity is, however, more than made up for in terms of quality. The Mosse style is one of purity and elegance, and this characteristic is clearly expressed in the varied cuvées of Anjou Blanc that René and Agnes (pictured above) have produced over the years, as well as their Savennières. In this most recent tasting, featuring only wines from the 2009 vintage, I started off with the generic Anjou Blanc which had an appealingly bright and youth Chenin character, before moving onto the Savennières.

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