Michel Redde, 2016 Update

Having admired the wines of this domaine for so long, it is a shame that I haven’t been able to visit or to taste regularly in recent years. It is simply a question of time, that is all. With a few extra hours in each day, and perhaps a few extra days in each week, maybe I could have done it. This year’s leap day was nothing more than a tease; I need a fresh leap day every month of the year, not with the passing of every 52nd new moon.

Michel Redde

Putting time pressure to one side, however, I did still manage to squeeze in a tasting with Romain Redde (pictured above), one of the two brothers now running this domaine (the other is Sébastien) while father Thierry eases himself into a comfortable retirement. I was glad that I did. Not only is Romain Redde a charming guy (as indeed are the entire family), I learnt about their newest project, making wine from vines planted on an old quarry. Wine and dynamite, I have discovered, is a fun combination.

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