Damien Laureau, 2019 Update

While much of the admiration in the Savennières universe remains directed towards the wines of a certain cult domaine, other vignerons continue to fly under the radar. Damien Laureau makes some of the best wines in the appellation, indeed I would not argue with anyone who claimed he made the very best wines. There are contenders that could these days be ranked alongside him – names such as Tessa Laroche and Eric Morgat spring to mind, as well as one or two others – but nobody could dissuade me from awarding Damien his place on the top tier.

Damien Laureau

I knew the name of Damien Laureau by reputation for a long time before I managed to track him and his wines down. That was quite a few years ago now; since that time I have been successful in meeting up with Damien (pictured above) most years, to taste his latest releases, and occasionally an older vintage too. On this most recent encounter Damien poured four wines from his portfolio.

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