Damien Laureau, 2018 Update

Having recently mentioned Damien Laureau in my tasting report on the latest wines to come out of the cellars of Vincent and Emmanuel Ogereau, I thought I should crack on today with a report on a tasting of the latest releases from Damien.

Damien Laureau

Damien Laureau, to my mind and palate, is absolutely top tier in the Savennières appellation, along with the likes of Claude Papin (a new generation in charge, but the wines have always been tip-top), the new wave of wines coming from Eric Morgat (who has developed a new winemaking philosophy), Domaine aux Moines (where the new philosophy is coming from a new generation), Emmanuel Ogereau (another generational change) and Thibaud Boudignon (a young guy who started out from scratch). Never, to my mind, has the Savennières appellation been so exciting.

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