Domaine du Closel, 2016 Update

As I raced from one domaine to the next, trying to cover Savennières as best I could, I couldn’t fail to stop off at Domaine du Closel. I know this is a favourite domaine for many, and over the years I too have on occasion fallen for its charms. And I have also fallen for the charms of Evelyne de Jessey-Pontbriand, one of the most welcoming, wise and witty of the appellation’s vigneronnes. Take a look at many older books that deal with the wines of Anjou and they will pay their dues to Michèle Bazin de Jessey, her mother, a doyenne of the Savennières appellation. These days, it is to Evelyne that many in the appellation look to for leadership and inspiration.

Domaine du Closel

As with a number of other domaines in the region, Evelyne (pictured above) tries her hand at various styles, including rosé, red and even sparkling wines. There is no doubt where the strengths of the domaine lie though, and that is with the white wines.

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