Domaine de Bellivière, 2019 Update

Long-term subscribers who have followed my reports on Eric Nicolas over the years will already be aware of the high regard that I have for this vigneron and his wines. Quality is exemplary throughout the portfolio, and at the very top end, in particular with the Vieilles Vignes Éparses and Calligramme cuvées, this domaine is a source of some of the greatest expressions of Chenin Blanc not just in Touraine or the Loire Valley, but in the world.

Domaine de Bellivière

Given that means I would happily rank Eric Nicolas and his wines alongside the likes of Richard Leroy, Damien Laureau, the white wines from Clos Rougeard or Thierry Germain, the leading domaines of Vouvray or Montlouis, or indeed some of the great Chenin Blancs coming out of South Africa, it should be pretty clear that these are great wines. As you might imagine, they regularly find their way into my cellar. This most recent encounter with Eric and his wines did nothing to dissuade me of these opinions.

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