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Jacques Rouzé

Jacques Rouzé

The town of Quincy, along with its partner in all things vinous Reuilly, sit at the heart of an oasis of viticulture, isolated among an agricultural desert of wheat fields and maize. Through this little vine-encrusted haven there runs the Cher, which is already meandering lazily here, despite having well over 100 kilometres to cover before it finally meets up with the Loire, at Tours.

The vineyards of the Quincy appellation are scattered around the town and along the riverbanks, reaching up as far as the little hamlet of Brinay to the north. Many of the domaines, however, are crammed tightly in among the houses and garages of the town. On the northwestern periphery of this diminutive town can be found one such domaine, one which bears one of the most renowned and respected names in the appellation, Jacques Rouzé.

Jacques Rouzé


Although in recent times the domaine has been passed from Jacques Rouzé to his son Côme (pictured below), to find its origins we must look to those who preceded Jacques. The domaine’s genesis can be traced to his grandfather, who farmed the land here, probably as a sideline to his main source of income, which was in construction. Farming on the side is de rigueur in France. I have a neighbour there who told me, when I met him for the first time, that he was a stonemason. Nevertheless, when I see him out in his tractor working his plot of land, which is most days, I doubt very much he is hunting for new pieces of stone to dress.

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